How to really enjoy a cultural experience in Guatemala?

vuelos a guatemala


Guatemala is a beautiful country, with incredible natural views and an endless list of activities you can enjoy. Here you will have the possibility to dive in the mayan culture, legends, colors, typical clothing and a mixture of tastes that you will not find anywhere else.

Once you visit Guatemala, you will never forget the experiences you lived. Traveling to Guatemala not only means pleasure and fun, it also means learning about its culture and history.


Cultural experience in Guatemala

In order to enjoy to the fullest your next vacation, first, you must start by learning about Guatemala’s history. These are the places you should go to:

  • Museo Nacional de Arqueología y Etnología (National Museum of Archeology and Ethnology):
    Here you can learn everything about the mayan culture, organized by three periods: preclassic, classic and postclassic. The story is told by sculptures and other pieces made by the mayans. The museum is located in 6a calle y 7a avenida de la Finca la Aurora en la zona 13, Ciudad de Guatemala.


  • La Casa de la Memoria Kaji Tulam (Memorial House Kaji Tulam):
    This is one of the museums where you can appreciate the course of guatemalan history, starting with the arrival of the spanish conquerors, all the way through the war and the historic context that have left a mark on the country and its people. Kaji Tulam translates from k’iche’ as “4 cosmic points”, “4 colors”, or “4 elements”. This places main goal is to provide a space to learn about the past in a way that a space for reflection can be found. You will find it in 3ra calle 2-72, zona 1.



Parque arqueológico Kaminaljuyú

A breathtaking place, where you will will discover the only mayan city located in the capital city. Kaminaljuyú is written in k'iche', and it means "Hill of the death".

This is the only place that has been preserved as the city grows, this small city harbored a mayan group for about 2,000 years, and back then it also included a lagoon called “Miraflores” that is no longer there.

What if after exploring guatemalan culture, as we just did, you taste the food?

These are the places that have worked really hard to preserve the mayan cuisine:



  • La cocina de la señora Pu (Mrs. Pu’s kitchen)

Rosa Pu Tzunux and Jorge Murga Armas are always working to transmit a bit of the guatemalan culture through their food. Here you can find exquisite dishes, that mix mayan flavors with different types of meat: pig, dove, rabbit, fish and shrimp. Visit them at 6a. avenida A 10-16 Zona 1.


  • Mercado central (Central Market)

If you want to experience not only the food, but also the guatemalans’ way of sharing, at Central Market you will enjoy a variety of typical and street food. These, despite not being authentic mayan food, represent an important part of the traditional guatemalan cuisine. Central Market is not a restaurant, but a market, so you will have a unique experience sharing with the people you will find as you pick your food.


Once you are done eating, you just have to walk a few steps, and you will be able to shop for souvenirs, while you appreciate the colorful typical clothing. Central Market is located in 9a. avenida y 8a calle de la zona 1 de la ciudad.


If you are an expert traveler, and you want to visit this destination, you must know that Guatemala is so much more than fun, if you come here you need to be open to explore new tastes and to live a cultural experience like no other.