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5 myths about Coronavirus/COVID-19

Check out this important information to avoid fake news

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8 abr 2020

Thanks to the ease of communication and technology that is available to almost everyone around the world, it’s very easy to receive all kinds of information and prevention tips for the Coronavirus.

Unfortunately this has also made it easier for incorrect or false information to be distributed, which can harm your physical integrity or your family’s health.

Take these 5 myths into account, be sure to share this valuable information with your family and friends:

Mosquitoes can also transmit the virus

There are serious diseases such as Dengue, Zika and Chincuncuya that we know are transmitted through the mosquito bite.

However, the World Health Organization (WHO) assures that there are no indications or evidence that the virus can be transmitted through the bite of these insects.

In any case, it’s recommended to always be alert with respect to mosquitoes, since contracting any of these diseases would weaken the immune system, and you could be more prone to get the COVID-19.

Taking baths with hot water will help me not get sick

This myth comes from the idea that exposure to heat such as hot water baths or the use of hair dryers can be used to combat the Coronavirus.

The same can be said for the recommendation that drinking hot water and sun exposure kill the virus.

Neither sun exposure, taking a hot bath nor drinking hot liquids will change the actual body temperature, which remains stable unless you are already sick.

The WHO also ensures that the virus can spread and develop in both hot and cold climates.

Spraying chlorine on the skin to avoid getting the virus

This is one of the most dangerous myths today, there are those who recommend spraying the body with alcohol or chlorine to end the Coronavirus.

But, the WHO has clarified that this would not have any effect for viruses that have already entered our body or are in the environment where we move or live.

It also warns of something very important, spraying or spraying these substances can damage clothing and in more serious cases the skin or mucous membranes (eyes, mouth, etc.).

Taking someone’s temperature will let me know if they have the virus

One of the symptoms of the disease is very high fevers, but this is not the only way nor the most accurate, to know if someone has contracted the virus or not.

Another problem that we face with this epidemic is that there are people who carry the virus who do not have any of the physical symptoms, but can still spread the virus to others.

This is why mass testing is essential to stop progress and isolate people who are infected.

Use ultraviolet light on the skin to not get infected

Many health institutions such as hospitals and now airports and airlines use certain devices with ultraviolet light to sanitize environments and each surface.

Although this type of light is highly effective in killing bacteria and viruses, there is still no device specifically designed for humans.

Using this type of light directly on the skin could have very harmful effects and damage the dermis tissues, so please do not do it.