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Care tips to avoid Coronavirus for children or elderly adults

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25 ago 2020

We must consider all family members who may be at higher risk of contracting the Coronavirus / COVID-19, such as elderly adults and people with chronic diseases such as heart disease or diabetes.

We know that children can also get the virus, so we must exhaust the care measures inside and outside our homes.

Informing yourself, from official sources, about how this infection is affecting our communities is important to keep things under control, we give you useful tips to take care of the people you love:



Basic measurements

Inside the house make sure that there are few areas for communal or shared use, the living room, dining room and bathrooms should be the only ones used by all the inhabitants of the house. Also be sure to ventilate these and all other rooms for at least 5 to 15 minutes every day.

Stay away from other people. Do not accept visits; use social networks and video calls. The most important thing is that you constantly remember that not only you are in danger. Other family members may be even more vulnerable.

If you must leave your house, avoid the use of shared vehicles and keep the minimum indicated distance of 2 meters, with other people. Wear a mask at all times.


In the case of older adults

It is recommended that they always have a family member to accompany them and explain the situation with simple words. Those with cognitive impairment or dementia may feel more anxious, angry, stressed, agitated, and withdrawn during the outbreak. They must always be accompanied.

Avoid the consumption of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. Especially if there are some other medical conditions that these people have to take care of.

Promote spiritual activities as well as physical exercise according to their conditions and abilities. It is great for them to sunbathe whenever possible, in the morning, without leaving the perimeters of the neighborhood where they live.


With children / teens

In times of stress and crisis, children and teens require more attention from their parents or caretakers. Talk frankly and calmly with them about the situation. Help them find positive ways to express disturbing feelings like fear and sadness.

Playing is a good option and there are several websites and YouTube channels with activities and ideas for the little ones at home.

Continue their routines for sleep and eating. Also establish a schedule for the use of the internet and television. To maintain study habits, continue with the usual study hours they have at school. Follow up and support each of the online school activities they carry out.


Suggestions for mental health

Confinement can generate psychological stress, even greater if you live with children or people with a high level risk of complications, like people with chronic diseases.

It is even worse if there is a sick person with possible or a diagnosed case of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

If this is not the case, we must remember that inside the home you can carry out the usual activities, taking extreme care of cleaning and hygiene recommendations.



Remember to eat healthy, do some type of physical activity at home and talk (by phone, text messages, video calls or others) with your close family and friends to avoid feeling lonely.


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