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Guatemala: Example in preventive measures for Covid-19

How the guatemalan government has regulated and contained de pandemic

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10 abr 2020

Around the world, the different countries with the support of the World Health Organization (WHO) have implemented various containment and preventive measures to slow the progress of this virus.

The newspaper La Nación, based in Argentina, highlighted the effective aspects that President Alejandro Giammatei has maintained within his containment plan in Guatemala.

Below we list some aspects that have kept the epidemic in our country under control:

Early preventive measures

Since March 16 in Guatemala, the entry of tourists and passengers from Europe was prohibited, in addition to the suspension of most school and work activities.

Days later, he declared curfew from 4:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. every day.

These measures seemed exaggerated for many, but experts applaud these decisions, which have slowed the curve of the advance of the epidemic.

Extreme efforts

In recent days, the president has ordered to separate some of the states where new cases of the disease have been found.

This helps contain within a certain perimeter the people who could be infected even if they have no apparent symptoms.

Another thing that was done was closing all the spas, recreation centers and public beaches, to prevent people from moving to other areas where they could put themselves in danger and also infect others.

Help for all

Currently, there are different healthcare centers that have been specially built to attend to Coronavirus cases that arise in the country.

In departments like Quetzaltenango, even without confirmed cases until a few days ago, a temporary hospital was already operating to treat patients.

It also had the support of private entities that have donated construction materials, medical equipment and food for the different work teams.

Latest preventive measures

Since April 13, the use of masks is mandatory for all people who transit in public spaces.

The government will also be in charge of distributing more than 3 million masks to Guatemalans.

For your safety and that of your family we recommend that you take of all these recommendations.

For you and every member of your family please #stayhome.