Helicopter tour on Monterrico Beach

Monterrico Beach


The best adventure is lived at Monterrico Beach, Santa Rosa, this is the most visited place by tourists to enjoy the sunny weather, beach and sunsets a combination that will make you never forget this day. Monterrico Beach is a unique site thanks to its volcanic black sand and its waters adapted for strong swimmers. TAG Airlines offers lunch and the use of the El Faro hotel facilities on its helicopter tour.

In this place you can do different activities such as going to the alligators reserve, free sea turtles, spend the day at the beach or the pool, walking near the beach will give you a feeling of tranquility and calm, you would be relaxed by the breeze and sound of the sea. In addition, you can enjoy flying through the beach of Monterrico and observe the beautiful view that this amazing place gives you. 


Monterrico is one of the most recommended places if you are looking for a different place to spend your vacations, this beach is known for being a fisherman’s town, offering cheap hotels and quality restaurants.

Some recommendations when visiting the beaches of Monterrico are: Take fresh clothes, sun screen, swimsuit, bring different food and snacks to share and do not use motorized vehicles since is a sea turtle sanctuary.



Monterrico more than a beach is a natural reserve, its located between Rio Oliveros, the Chiquimulilla Canal and the Laguneta La Palmilla. The Natural Reserve of Monterrico is a place with mangroves, tulares, beaches and rivers. The soils of the reserve are volcanic ash that varies between sandy and clayey. 

The natural reserve is home of many species like birds, reptiles, fish, crustaceans, turtles, amongst others. This is part of the wetlands of the Pacific Coast, a perfect ecosystem for the functioning of the basins of the different rivers.

With this Helicopter Tour on the Monterrico beach you will enjoy of all the activities and experience that only TAG Airlines can offer.