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Requirements when flying to and from Honduras for travelers

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25 Sep 2020

Since October 5, TAG Airlines will reactivate its operations in flights to local destinations in Guatemala and some of our destinations in Central America. Depending on the country you want to travel to, the requirements and regulations have some small changes or additional documents that the country requests from travelers. We tell you what requirements you must meet in order to enter or leave Honduras:



Check-In Process

After acquiring your plane ticket it is necessary that you carry out the online migration check. This is in addition to your online Check-in requested by the airline before traveling. To know the Honduran digital form and fill it out virtually, click HERE.


COVID-19 Test

This test has become one of the essential requirements when traveling, this diagnostic test can show if there is an active coronavirus infection and what measures must be taken to put on quarantine or isolate a traveler from others.

As part of the requirements, all people are asked that the results of the test are not more than 72 hours old. This is mandatory for all travelers.


Take your time

In many airports, it has been recommended to all people who wish to travel during these last months of 2020, to take precautions over time to perform all the procedures prior to boarding their plane. The various precautionary measures and the decrease in the number of people inside the common areas can cause delays. When traveling to Honduras or outside our country its recommended that you show up at least 3 hours before your flight.


For your safety

Both in the Guatemala International Airport and in the Honduran air terminals, it is necessary that you follow all the Bio-Safety regulations when traveling: The use of a mask is mandatory for all passengers and staff.

It is also recommended to use protective face shield and carry hand sanitizer of a maximum of 100ml as part of your hand luggage.


Check your documentation

Always take into consideration that all the documents and requirements must be complete to avoid setbacks. In the case of immigration documents and the PCR test, if you do not bring them complete, your boarding process may be delayed or there may be monetary penalties for not following all the necessary regulations before traveling. Take these aspects into account and get ready to fly to our destinations in Central America.


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