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Activities you can enjoy during our Tikal one day tour

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5 Oct 2020

Knowing Tikal, from various perspectives is what produces in the visitor that sense of belonging and a delight in each of the moments of the day and the seasons of the year. Of course we offer you our recommendations of activities that you can enjoy during the one day tour in Tikal:



Watch the sunrise

It is not the same to visit the pyramids during the course of the day, this is one of the most sought-after tours requested by tourists, the best of the experience is to be able to climb to the top of one of these imposing pyramids to enjoy the sunrise as our Mayan ancestors did in past times.


Private Guided Tour

This tour varies a bit from the other tours offered within the park facilities. Travel in comfort and enjoy this ALL INCLUSIVE tour.

The main attraction of this tour is that you can enjoy Tikal in a completely different way. For this type of tour you must be accompanied by a certified guide, you cannot do it on your own.


Walk through the jungle

There are many semi-hidden routes off the main roads within this park and nature reserve. Being accompanied by a guide makes it easier to learn about some of the park's unique secrets while enjoying this full-day tour.


Animal tour in Tikal

The Natural History tour offers you the opportunity to learn about nature in Tikal. You will be able to appreciate the biodiversity: the flora and fauna of Tikal.

This tour is normally added to your itinerary, but it can be done as an independent tour, if what you are interested in is learning more about the species that inhabit this natural reserve.


Traditional Gastronomy

If you decide to enjoy the one-day tour in the Tikal National Park, we recommend enjoying an ecological and jungle environment at the “El Mesón” Restaurant. With more than 18 years of experience attending and serving country lunches to national and foreign tourists. You can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere while you taste grilled chicken or a good roast beef.

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