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Iconic places of Guatemala in 360 ° tour

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29 may 2020


The country of eternal spring has been recognized for attracting all kinds of tourists over the years. This is because of its climate, variety of cultures and activities to do that interest people from all over the world.

It's not necessary to travel to know more about some of the iconic places of the capital city and other nearby spots of other states within its borders.

Enjoy these 5 tourist attractions on a 360-degree tour without leaving your home:


National theater

Built on part of the land that occupied the San José fort, the theater was finally inaugurated in 1978. This center is considered to be one of the most unique architectural works due to the integration between architecture and the visual arts.

The person in charge of the design and direction of the construction was the engineer, painter and sculptor Efraín Recinos.

An interesting fact was that the project had been started years before Efraín took control of it, and had to adapt its design to the foundations that had previously been constructed. Also when seen from the sides you can see the representation of a jaguar lying down looking at the horizon.

To see this incredible architectural spot follow the steps:


  • Click on the image
  • Select the GUATEMALA option on the map
  • Search and select the Centros Culturales section
  • Click on Miguel Ángel Asturias
  • Enjoy the tour!




San Felipe Castle

This fortress fulfilled 3 functions in colonial times: Being a military fort, a prison and also a business and trade center. It has been restored twice, once in 1955 and the last in 2001.

Since 2002 it has been considered as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It has also served as a location in films such as El Capitán Orellana y la aldea endemoniada, filmed in 2011.

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Flores Island

This colonial-style island is one of the tourist attractions of the Peten state. For tourists who want to visit the different archaeological parks and natural beauties, this is the perfect place to find accommodation options and different restaurants of traditional and other types of gastronomy.

The island also has incredible traditions such as the patron saint festivities that are celebrated in the month of January. In this month the city celebrates with traditional dances and concerts with Guatemalan artists and international guests.

Learn more about this island and some of its churches by clicking on the image:




Playa Blanca (White beach)

This destination breaks all expectations of the beaches located in Guatemala, with white sands and crystal clear water its a place that many local and foreign visitors enjoy equally.

Another of its attractions is that it is a fairly remote destination; you must first travel by land or plane to Puerto Barrios. Then you will be transported to Livingston by ferry or boat. Finally you can  move by boat to the beach.

Click HERE to start this virtual tour.


What started as a project to share with friends, is currently one of the most popular destinations around Antigua Guatemala. For people who want to disconnect from the bustle and stress of the cities, this is the ideal place.

It also has several Hobbit-style cabins, hiking trails, restaurants and accommodation services in a small eco-hotel. You can enjoy the beautiful views over the Panchoy valley and the surrounding volcanoes.

To see each of the areas of this beautiful destination follow the steps:


  • Click on the image
  • Select the GUATEMALA option on the map
  • Find and select the Menu section in the upper left of your screen
  • Search and select the Hobbitenango option
  • Enjoy the tour!