How are the TAG Airlines planes cleaned before a flight?

13 abr 2020

Many people must travel for different reasons even with the restrictions that have been imposed by the advance of Coronavirus / COVID-19.

As an air transport company we want your 

family, friends, colleagues or even yourself to feel safe when flying with us:


Every Day

At the end of the day, all planes receive cleaning and sanitation services that include cleaning all surfaces such as armchairs and door handles.

In addition to using cleaning products with strong components such as chlorine and its derivatives, they can be products registered and endorsed by the Environmental Protection Agency EPA.

After that, the planes are also sprayed on the outside surfaces to prevent any of them from being left with signs of bacteria or viruses.


Before each one of the flights

Although this was not a common procedure, thorough cleaning of each of our aircrafts has been implemented before passengers aboard the flight.

The process is as careful and meticulous as in the overnight cleaning. Since it’s essential that each of the interior areas is completely clean before passengers aboard the aircraft.

We also maintain rigorous control over our personnel and cabin crew, equipping them with disposable masks and hand sanitizer for their personal use.




Taking care of you

When traveling, we ask that you take a mask, hand sanitizer and if you think necessary, disposable latex gloves.

Before boarding, the temperature of each passenger will be measured and it will be requested in the same way that each passenger must carry medical examinations that verify that they are healthy.

This helps us to keep all passengers and our collaborators safe while they take you to your destination.


Other procedures

A study discovered that other types of Coronavirus, such as SARS and MERS, remain on metal, glass, and plastic objects for up to nine days.

Taking this into consideration we recommend some things you can do to feel more secure when boarding an airplane or means of transportation.

When you get to your seat with your hands clean, use cleaning wipes on hard surfaces of your seat like headrest and armrest, seat belt buckle, remote controls, screens, rear seat bag and folding table.

The seat should only be cleaned if it is lined with leather or a hard material, is any other material or fabric stays wet it can spread more bacteria and viruses; instead of removing them.

Make sure you follow all the tips and guidelines so you have a safe trip.


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