What can you do if you got stranded in another country?

17 abr 2020

Many Guatemalans suffered the uncertainty of being stranded in other countries, as the Coronavirus / COVID-19 crisis hit several places in Latin America.

The main problem was that flights were canceled without prior notice, leaving many people stranded at the airports without knowing how to act or who to turn to.

If it’s you or you have acquaintances who are going through any of these difficulties, we give you some recommendations:


Your travel agencies or airline companies

If your trip was made through a travel agency, they can help you find out some solutions and even get you a seat at a repatriation flight back home.

The airlines social media pages are also good elements when it comes to getting information, and they can help you know what the flight options are and the destinations they will take you to.


Social networks

A widely used trend in recent weeks was the creation of groups or pages on social media such as Facebook.

They nest groups of people with the same interest or from nearby countries or places that get organized to get information or flights.

It is important that you remember and be alert, in these uncertain times many people can try to take advantage or deceive travelers.

Make sure to confirm the information and do not make any payment if you do not have the confidence in what they are offering.





There is no more reliable source if you are stranded in other country than the embassy of the place you are located in.

You can also lean on them to seek the possibility of having a space on rescue flights.

For these types of flights, governments usually hire an airline to provide that service, even if the traveler has to pay a fare or ticket when obtaining a space.


Family and friends

Another fundamental resource is to maintain communication with your relatives and acquaintances in your country of origin.

They can have first-hand information when the government activates and confirms a flight that you can take back to your country.

In Guatemala, an inter-institutional effort was made and 12 rescue flights were coordinated. This exceptional measure has allowed 722 Guatemalans to return to the country so far.

But there may be more Guatemalan citizens who are finding it difficult to get back.


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