5 curious things you must know about El Mirador

25 ago 2020

Located in the maya biosphere, El Mirador archaeological site hides many secrets until this day.

For all the visitors that step foot in this grounds, is a remarkable experience to observe the architectural work and know a bit more of history.

Here you have some curious data that this enigmatic place has to offer:

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It was discovered by chance

There are some photographic records from the site that go back to 1933, but the city was rediscovered years later by some bubble gum workers.

In the 60’s decade, two businessman owners of bubblegum factories decided to let know to the public this discoveries.

Thanks to them, the city receives the special name of El Mirador (The Observatory).


The city was abandoned for centuries

The reasons of why the city was left behind are unknown, but archaeologist estimate that the city was abandoned at least for 700 years.

There are records that prove that the city was inhabited later, but the structures were not repaired, neather new constructions were made during that time.




It has the highest pyramid structures

The structural complex of La Danta is the highest known pyramid of this complex, with an impressive volume and an estimated height of 74 meters.

The other famous monument is El Tigre (The Tiger) a structure with 55 meters of height.

This two are part of a group of 35 monuments and structures that are located in site.


Most of the city is still underground

With the assistance of a precision radar called LIDAR, in 2017 it was discovered a complete net of roads and streets that communicated other mayan cities with El Mirador.

There were also discovered other acropolis and edifications that allowed to estimate that this city was one of the most important of this civilization.

It’s hard to know if there is more underground, this study only shows what is left in around 700 square kilometers.


The trip to the site is a hole adventure

Getting to the site is still quite complicated, there are no roads constructed for vehicles to pass through.

You can walk a path from the location of Las Carmelitas, a tour that has 37 kilometers, the journey takes a total of two days walking 9 hours a day.

This is especially attractive for the travelers that love adventure, because the trek passes through the jungle in the area.

In the other hand, you can travel in helicopter from the airport in Flores. With amazing views from above after a 30 minute flight you’ll arrive to this majestic destination.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have an unforgettable experience while traveling to the cradle of the mayan civilization.


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