4 incredible BENEFITS produced when you hang out with DOLPHINS

30 ene 2020

Our vacations are not only an opportunity to relax and experience new incredible locations.

Many of this trips will be unforgettable and will give some really good health benefits.

Roatan has many attractive advantages, one of the most famous is the visit to the dolphin reserve, because hanging out with this very intelligent mammals is something you will never forget.

In recent times this animals are also an important support in therapy for different medical and emotional issues. We give you some really good benefits from Dolphin therapy:


1. Contact with nature

In our daily routines many times we forget or get disconnected from everything that exists around us.

This type of experiential activities helps our brains to reconnect with all the nature life that surrounds us.


2. Connection between species

It’s difficult to believe, but dolphins and humans share many important behavior characteristics.

To belong to a group or family, the organization of the members and the maternal instinct.

Us humans and dolphins feel a special affinity for each other,  hanging out together in a controlled environment is a great fulfilling experience.




3. Stimulate your senses

While you are in the water, our senses become more active. We balance our nervous system, and also liberate endorphins, because we are excited and sometimes a little nervous about this experience so close to the dolphins.

Other benefits are stress reduction and improvement in the nervous system for many travelers that enjoy this types of experiences.


4. Educating others

One of the vital points of the experience is also educating kids and adults about the efforts in the care and conservation of this species.

Also point out the things that need to be done in order to have a better environment for this incredible animals to live in for many years to come.

You might even change your perspective and began volunteering in some projects that help preserve nature and help with the care of our planet.


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