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New security and preventive measurements of COVID-19

The best advice you can have for keeping your family safe

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26 mar 2020

In this few weeks experts around the world have been able to study deeply how the Coronavirus develops and the ways it expands.

The experts also assure that the virus can live in the air and the environment for a few days.

In the United States there are also registered the first cases of people that actually suffered from environmental contagion, this means that a person who didn’t travel outside the country or that knew someone who was sick, actually gets diagnosed from Coronavirus.

Take care of your health and also the people that live with you with this recommendations:

If you must leave the house

It’s extremely important that you take this measurements to take good care of yourself if it’s necessary that you leave the house.

Make sure you take a sweater or jacket with long sleeves to put over your clothes, you can take this off and leave it hanging outside or in your car when you arrive to your destination.

If you go to a crowded place like a supermarket, make sure you take a mask with you as a precaution, also have some alcohol gel sanitizer, and cleaning wipes in case you need them.

If you are a woman is better to keep your hair tied up and avoid the use of earrings, that ways is less probable that you touch your face unconsciously.

If you receive money when you pay for some product, remember to sanitize your hands after.

Keep your distance from others at all times, to keep yourself and others safe.

Taking care of others

If you live closer to elderly people or children, you must be very cautious when living in the same space.

It’s very important that you keep the distance, clean as best as you can all the surfaces and the common areas. The dining table, chairs, sofas, and remote controls of the devices must be clean and sanitized.

Your sheets, towels and clothes must be washed at least every 2 to 3 days.

When you arrive home

We know very well that even in a state of quarantine many people have to leave their homes every day, weather is to shop for groceries or because of their line of work.

When you come back home we recommend you leave your shoes outside and change them for others to be inside the house.

Leave your bag, backpack and keys closer to the front door, you can also sanitize this items with a homemade mix of 1 part of rubbing alcohol and 2 parts of water, put then in a spray bottle or container to spray over your things.

Take a quick bath and leave the clothes you used in a sealed bag, wash them as quick as possible.

If you went out with your pet, make sure you clean their paws and body with some wet wipes.

Avoid touching any surfaces in the house, and wash your hands as quick as you can.

This are some of the important tips that we must keep in mind during this time of quarantine. Stay home and take care of yourself and your family.


For common spaces at home

Remember that you must clean constantly the common areas in your home like the kitchen, bathroom, and living room.

In the case of the bathroom, make sure you clean that out every single day, with chlorine or a specialized cleaner for this area of the house.

Keep your house well ventilated, if the air is constantly moving around it would be easier to diminish the risk of keeping the virus in the environment.