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28 mar 2020

In this very difficult times for the threat of COVID-19, many people have worried too much and are not taking good care of themselves or taking the necessary measures to protect themselves and their families.

Here are 10 practical things you can do to take good care of your health if you need to leave the house or travel via TAG Airlines:


Keep your distance

According to the world health organization, this virus is extremely contagious, because it can spread in the environment and by the saliva particles that we expel when we sneeze or cough.

It’s recommended that you keep a distance of 1 meter or 3 feet among others, and avoid shaking hands, kisses and hugs.


Wash your hands

We know by the indications of health experts that hand sanitizers are as effective in eliminating bacteria as washing your hands with water and soap.

The trick is to wash your hands for 20 seconds, first with some water, then put a bit of soap, then rub your hands, make sure to wash in between your fingers, wrists and arms if necessary.


Don’t leave your house if you are sick

This is one of the most important advices from the health experts. If you feel sick it’s better to stay at home for a couple of days.

If you have high fevers or experience other sintoms like difficulty to breath, is better that you go to the doctor. Then you will know if you need to get tested.


Healthy food

Fruits that contain high levels of vitamin C are the most recommended. Oranges are lemons are ideals to keep the immune system healthy.

Vegetables can’t be left out. If you can is better to take some vitamin supplements or vitamin C in capsules to strengthen the immune system.


Avoid Crowds

The world health organization also assured that if you surround yourself with too many people the risk of contagion increases.

In several countries, regulations have been implemented, there have been cancelled every type of massive events and religious celebrations.

It is believed that ever sick person can actually make other 3 people contract the virus.


When you sneeze or cough

Another important care that you must have is to cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough.

You can cover your mouth with a Kleenex or the internal part of your elbow.

Remember to wash your hands after you cough or sneeze, this helps eliminate the probabilities of the virus expanding to others.


Using masks

When it comes to the use of mask the director of emergencies of the world health organization Mike Ryan, has clarified that people can use masks if that makes them feel safer, but not using it is not a great indicator of risk if the person is healthy.

Masks are usually effective if a person that is sick wears them, the risk of infecting others is less, but it doesn’t protect other healthy people from getting the virus.

The health workers, doctors and others must wear masks at all times when working with sick or infected patients.


View of doctors, dentists holding surgical instruments, by patient after operation on background of lamp, ceiling. Patient hospital, intensive care unit visit, emergency hospitalization-1

Keep informed

A lot of fear and misinformation has been spreading around by non-official sources, giving incorrect data and information, generating more fear and chaos.

The only official sources of information during this crisis are the health institutions of each country and The world health organization. If you are in Guatemala and need assistance or declare some case of COVID-19 you can call directly to: 1517 y 1540.


Clean sufaces always

If you stay at home make sure that this is a safe place for you and your family. Wash the floors with some soap or a cleaner with high chlorine content.

Have cleaning wipes at hand for objects like tables, chairs and shoes. If you must leave the house for work, use 1 pair of shoes to be outside and chance them when you arrive home.

If I must travel

Even if the borders remain closed in many countries, many people still can take flights to go to internal destinations.

Airlines are taking all the necessary measurements like cleaning and sanitizing every airplane after the passengers leave the plain.

Other interesting data is that the air that circulates inside the plain is purified constantly, this means that bacteria will not be in the environment while you fly.

So you will be safe even if you have to travel constantly.