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TAG Fleet: 5 characteristics of the SAAB 340 and 340 Plus

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12 Oct 2020

This aircraft quickly became a popular type of airline, used by different civil operators and commercial airlines. With a wide range of technical specifications that make it one of the safest aircraft for air transport in the world.

Learn more about the amazing features of the SAAB 340 and 340 plus:



Transportation and transfer safety

The ergonomic design of this aircraft and some of its most important components such as the RML (Swedish Military Design Organization Authorization) certification for work with aircraft, derived in service with the Swedish Air Force.

Design and development engineering services create new world-class solutions for the benefit and convenience of customers on their journey.


Features for passenger comfort

In the airline industry the main objective is to sell seats. How passengers perceive each airline depends on their experience in the cabin during the trip. That's why comfortable seats in a fresh-looking cabin are crucial to greatly enhancing this experience.

The SAAB models have ACRO seats, comfortable and light so that the traveler feels in the best possible way.


Versatile cargo transportation use

This type of aircraft can fulfill multiple functions depending on the needs of the travelers. For this reason, it is important to note that these aircraft models can also be used for cargo transport, their design allows easily removing the rows of seats that are necessary to accommodate the cargo in the best possible way.


Maintenance with international standards

All maintenance and repair processes are optimized so that the planes have an effective operation at the time of each flight.

Accompanied by SAAB assistance to maintain high quality controls in spare parts and processes in each of our aircraft services.


The only Guatemalan airline that owns SAAB aircrafts

In our country there are several companies that are dedicated to air transport, but TAG Airlines is the only one that has 7 SAAB aircrafts of 33 and 34 seats within its fleet. This gives us an additional component, which helps our passengers arrive safely and smoothly at each of our destinations.