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Biosafety Protocols for Hotels in Roatan, Honduras

Travel to Roatan

21 Oct 2020

When you arrive at this island you can enjoy a variety of hotels from 3 to 5 stars. Every single one wants you to have a first-class lodging process, providing all kinds of services so that guests can enjoy new experiences.

We present all the protocols that are rigorously followed in each of these hotels to keep visitors safe:



registration process

Upon arrival at the hotel, you will go through a Biosafety control before entering the facilities. In this, the temperature of all the guests will be taken, without exception, all the suitcases they carry are also disinfected. 

The Ckeck-in process will be done in a non-contact manner, in most cases, to prevent guests from touching objects such as tables, pens and others. In some of the hotels, a welcome cocktail is given in the reception area, which is always kept at 50% capacity.


Taking care of you

All rooms are subjected to a deep disinfection process. Using steam cleaners, UV light devices and thermal fogging, all the elements inside the rooms are sanitized. This is in addition to the usual cleaning process before each guest enters their respective room.

Also taking the necessary precautions to avoid the spread of viruses and bacteria.



Protocols for staff at hotels

All employees go through a rigorous health control process, in addition to being subjected to using all physical safety accessories, this includes: face mask, face shield and latex gloves during their work shifts.

In addition to maintaining social distancing between all employees, this is to ensure that visitors and travelers remain comfortable and safe during their stay at all Roatan hotels.


During your stay

For your convenience, within the perimeters, plastic dividers have been installed on the tables of restaurants and customer service locations, the menus have been implemented in a virtual form, so that there is less paper in rooms and restaurants. 

In addition to this, hotels still have room service available, in the case that you do not want to be in the restaurant area with other guests.


Prevention procedures

As part of the requirements for travelers when leaving any destination in Honduras, it's mandatory to take the PCR test, and present the results with a maximum time range of 72 hours.

So that you do not have to travel outside the hotel where you are staying, many of them offer the service of sampling and delivery of results. This service is available for almost all hotels, with an estimated cost of $ 80.00 USD per exam.

With all the necessary prevention measures, we invite you not to miss out on enjoying all that Roatán has to offer.