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Natural destinations in Puerto Barrios, Izabal

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19 Nov 2020

Among the natural wealth that Guatemala has to delight its visitors is a privileged region known as the Guatemalan Caribbean that protects impressive natural jewels.

Learn about the most interesting ecological destinations to visit and get to know in Puerto Barrios Izabal:



El Boquerón ecological park

Located 11 kilometers from Río Dulce, near the castle of San Felipe is this natural reserve. One of the main characteristics are the giant rock walls, as well as the opportunity to bathe in the Sauce River that forms a great natural canyon, the waters are warm and crystalline and are ideal for sailing in a canoe.

El Boquerón in Puerto Barrios is a private reserve that has walls of vegetation over 100 meters high, inhabited by howler monkeys and a great diversity of birds of the region. It has areas for camping, for the travelers that like experiences in which they are surrounded by nature.


The Malecon of Puerto Barrios

The privileged view in front of the vast sea of Izabal, is one of the main attractions for travelers and tourists, despite being a dock for parking and transit of boats.

This place has green areas to sit, rest, enjoy the sea breeze and to be able to have a picnic or simply appreciate some of the best sunsets in this region.


Playa Dorada Puerto Barrios

One of the most interesting places for local and foreign tourists is this almost virgin beach within Livingston. Playa dorada offers visitors a unique experience in our country with its white sands, crystal clear water and an environment surrounded by nature.

As it is a private property, there are no hotel services yet, only a small restaurant. If you want to spend a day completely disconnected from busy life in a relaxed atmosphere, Playa Blanca in Puerto Barrios is the ideal destination for you.


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Siete Altares Livingston

To get to this natural park you can access it from Livingston or by boat halfway between Livingstone and Playa Blanca. There are magnificent natural pools at the mouth of a stream. The entrance fee is Q.20.00 quetzals ($.3.00 USD) and it is undoubtedly a place that is worth visiting and where you can swim in some of the pools.

It is advisable to wear shoes that can get wet to be able to walk without any discomfort. The only way to reach this destination is by water, which makes the experience something more unique to enjoy.


Aguas Calientes Izabal

In Izabal there is this place that is unique and peculiar, it is not so well known among tourists and its peculiarity is that you can enjoy natural hot springs. The water is warm in temperature due to a geological fault that allows the heat of the crust to rise to the surface creating a natural jacuzzi that you can enjoy at any time of the year. In addition to Aguas Calientes, you can also enjoy hot springs at Finca Paraíso, another of our travel recommendations if you are looking for a natural and ecological destination in Puerto Barrios, Izabal.


Puerto Barrios is an excellent option to take a long or short vacation. It is also an important center for business and commerce and today it is easier to get there in a 45-minute flight than to take an 8-hour drive from Guatemala City. Visit Puerto Barrios, the jewel of the Guatemalan Caribbean. Book your next trip today with TAG Airlines.


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