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5 TAG Airlines services that you might not know about

courier services

4 Sep 2020

There are a variety of services that you can use as part of the range of products offered by air transport companies. Learn more about all the options that can be adapted to the needs of your company or business. We leave you 5 services that you can obtain with TAG Airlines:



FBO services

One of the main services that is perhaps not as well known in the corporate world is the one known as FBO. Among what you can hire are the rental of aircraft, hangar, fuel, mooring, parking, even the comfort services necessary to guarantee maximum well-being while waiting for a flight.

Food, lodging, and everything that is conventionally demanded by travelers, is arranged for those travelers who do not have much time to organize all those details in their trips. Learn more about this service HERE.



This advertising modality is generally focused on areas of massive concentration (concerts, festivals, beaches) where its strategic effectiveness mainly lies. Its effectiveness is also very remarkable: about 80% of the people who have seen aerial advertising are able to remember what was advertised, in what place and even its design.

This is a strategy that is not widely used, but that can bring very good results in the development of a campaign to publicize a product or service. Learn more about this service HERE.



Many people believe that these types of services are used only on crops, however aerial spraying is a safe, fast and effective way to control insects that can transmit viruses and make people sick. Furthermore, the products that are used do not cause long-term damage to the environment or local ecosystems, even if it is done repeatedly. Learn more about this service HERE.


Fire fighting

Despite not being a service that is used on a regular basis, our helicopters are equipped to respond to forest fire emergencies inside and outside the borders of Guatemala.

It is important to be able to move large volumes of water, and to be able to release them from a suitable distance so this can slow down the advance of the flames in large areas of forests. Learn more about this service HERE.


Courier / Cargo

Air transport is one of the fastest ways to get all kinds of products to different countries. At TAG Airlines we have two types of aircrafts: an Embraer 110P1 and a Saab 340 aircraft, among others, which due to their design are appropriate for cargo transportation, with a maximum capacity of 8,085 pounds. With huge doors  and appropriate compartments for this type of service that will make your products reach new frontiers in the shortest possible time.


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