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5 Activities you can enjoy in your next trip to Yaxhá

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19 Sep 2020

There is still much more to discover in Peten. There is a selection of archaeological sites in the surroundings of this state, which are extremely important in the history of the Mayan culture, as well as an excellent destination to visit. Here are 5 great activities that you can enjoy in Yaxhá:



Guided tour

The service of local guides to visit the sites of Yaxha, Topoxte, Nakum and Naranjo, is necessary for all people who wish to visit these archaeological sites. This service is provided by the Yaxha Tourism Guides Association. Which are prepared to serve visitors in the best way.


Horse riding

There are different ways to transport from Yaxha to the Naranjo and Nakum sites. One of them is the rental of horses to make a journey through the jungle to each of these places. This is recommended especially in summer, if it's raining too much it is better that you travel by all-terrain vehicles that you can rent from Yaxhá.


Boat ride

To have a different view of these archaeological sites, you can take a boat trip to Topoxte, another of the settlements of the Mayan culture that are near Yaxha. You can take the opportunity to see different species of birds, mammals and aquatic nature that surrounds these impressive places.


Camping under the stars

All archaeological sites have specific areas for tourists who wish to do camping. In addition, complete travel packages are offered that include the placement of tents, sheets, food, utensils and water. But you must remember that you have to bring all your equipment: tent, sleeping bags, water and other implements (at the moment the Park does not rent equipment).


Visit the museum

The Yaxhá museum is part of the tour within the archaeological site and has a collection of pieces from different historical stages of Yaxhá, including the Late Preclassic and the Terminal Classic. You can see everything from miniature, globular and reinforced edge pots to fine finished pieces. Also some traditional Jade stone necklaces and other types of jewelry.


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