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5 activities with Biosecurity measures you can do in Roatán

Travel to Roatan

23 Oct 2020

Your vacations in Roatán cannot be complete without enjoying these activities that you can do within the island.

Following all the Biosafety protocols and using 50% of their capacity, enjoy a safe tour of the different points of this island knowing more about its species of fauna and flora, as well as local businesses and their people:



Learn more about marine life

In full comfort you can enjoy a semi-submarine in the shape of a fabulous glass ship while safely exploring the aquatic world of Roatan.

The tour takes you through the corals and to see the exotic fish, all this while your senses enjoy a world of silence and colors. Dare to enter this underwater aquarium that offers you a unique experience in our sea of Roatán.


Live incredible ocean adventurers

The main attraction of snorkeling is the opportunity to observe underwater life in a natural environment without complicated equipment or any prior knowledge for diving. The tour includes the use of snorkeling equipment and the support of a lifeguard throughout the experience.

It is not necessary to have a diving license or have previously snorkelled before embarking on this adventure while knowing more about the ocean and the species that inhabit it.



Get to know the Island up close

This tour will take you to know different iconic points of the island such as: "The View", a perfect place for a photo session with the most spectacular landscapes. Passing through the picturesque fishing village of French Harbor you will arrive at Coxen Hole, the main town of the island.

Then visit West End and the chocolate factory, where you can see the artisan way of making organic chocolate, you can go on walks, buy souvenirs or simply have a drink in one of the bars on the seafront. The last stop before ending the tour will be at the Ron factory and finally the West Bay hotel. Travelers not staying in West Bay will have 30 minutes to enjoy the beach before being transferred to their hotel.


Encounter with Dolphins

This activity consists of 30 minutes of permanence on the beach with water up to the waist with a dolphin and its trainer, this in order to interact with the dolphin, caress it, learn about them, hold the dolphin for a moment and also receive a kiss from him.

You will be able to appreciate skills such as their jumping, tail walking and other behaviors. During the meeting you can take pictures of the experience with an additional cost to your tour.


To finish the day

Enjoy the sunset, on a three-hour tour aboard the Catamaran, while appreciating views of the West Bay and West End shores. Accompanied by traditional music, delicious drinks and snacks.

Fill your eyes with the most colorful sunsets, and have the most unforgettable photographs and memories. Do not miss the opportunity to take a complete experience of everything that is hidden on the Island of Roatán.