Yaxha-Nakum-Naranjo National Park is considered the best kept secret in the Mayan World.

The park covers an area of 37,160 square km and is part of the Maya Biosphere Reserve. This park is close and limits to the west with the Tikal National Park and to the north with the Tikal-Mirador-Rio Azul Biological Corridor.

Due to the proximity you can enjoy the different structures, ceremonial centers and steles, all within the same perimeter.




The site has more than five hundred structures, including forty steles, thirteen ceremonial altars, nine pyramids, two ball courts and a network of sacbeob (main roads), connecting the Central, North (Maler) and East Acropolis. These roads are very characteristic, since not all sites had these main streets.

It is also one of the places where you can get to start your tour by traveling to the site by car or bus, or if you prefer, take a boat tour until you reach your destination and enjoy a different ride experience.