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Helicopter air transport has had a great growth in recent years, where companies and organizations have envisioned great potential in this to carry out their activities with quality and efficiency.

That is why private helicopter flights are a great solution for companies that have certain needs, such as the mining sector, hydrocarbons, infrastructure, energy, road consortiums, public entities, among others.





  • Without physical barriers: Helicopters are a mean of transport that does not have physical barriers that prevent it from landing. They can access wooded areas, mountains, jungles, etc. According to the access area, an operational analysis of how the entry and exit of the area in which the cargo transport or passenger transport would be carried out should be developed first.
  • Easy access: air transport by helicopter has the ability to transport goods and people to areas that are not easily accessible or that do not have a road or a sea route.
  • Time and speed: Helicopter transport is a fast way to travel especially when time is an important factor. This streamlines the transfer of specific goods and people, reducing their handling.
  • Security: Due to the different degrees of insecurity, the helicopter is a safe means of transporting important people for different companies.