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Songs to help you get to know Guatemala

Guatemalan artists show you more of our country

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11 may 2020


Guatemala is one of the most striking Central American destinations for tourists. With a diversity of places, cultures and activities; Our country can offer travelers the ideal climate and places to enjoy an incredible vacation.

It doesn't matter if you are looking for beaches, cloud forests or adventure such as climbing or rafting, Guatemala offers a range of possibilities when doing tourism.

At this moment we cannot travel, but that does not mean that we cannot enjoy some iconic destinations in this country, accompanied by good guatemalan music:


United as one

Guatemalan artist Ale Mendoza decided to combine his talents with other 9 Guatemalan artists. Tayl G, Sartiboy, Francisco Paez, Ale Puga, Yessie, Sunday Funday, Pedro Cuevas, Hancer and Stephanie Zelaya join the mix of this musical journey.

In addition to the interaction between the artists, we can appreciate wonderful settings such as the panoramic view of Lake Atitlán and various points in the colonial city of Antigua Guatemala.

Another very positive aspect is that thanks to this song, a movement was generated in social media that sought to share joy and positivity using the hastag  #buenavibra.



Our Country

Ricardo Arjona is one of the most recognized exponents of Guatemalan music around the world. For this project, he joined forces with a renowned beverage company, to highlight all the beauty of Guatemala as a country.

In the video we can see places such as Tikal, Lake Atitlán, San Felipe Castle, among others. Aerial shots of majestic places like the pyramids at Tikal are also very remarkable in this video.

Click HERE to enjoy this song.


Sun and Sea

The family of the Guatemalan group Sunday Funday in collaboration with ASM, released in 2019 this single titled “Pacífico”. the video shows a combination of scenarios such as the beaches of Iztapa, Puerto de San José, Juan Gaviota and Monterrico.

The theme is a mix between hip-hop and tropical styles. For people who are hoping to be able to visit the beaches of our country, this video is ideal to enjoy the sun, sand and sea waters  without leaving home:



Full of Hope

Viva Guatemala is a song that tells us a story of hope about the country people want to see. Neon group takes us to visit characteristic places that tourists love.

Shots of the city's Central Market, Cerro de la Cruz and Lake Atitlán can be seen with each of the members telling part of this story.

The video has more than 100,000 views on YouTube. Enjoy this song by clicking HERE.

Songs from each State

After making a compilation of traditional Guatemalan songs, we can ensure that there is 1 musical theme for each of the 22 states of our country.

Iconic pieces such as "Luna de Xelajú" dedicated to Quetzaltenango can be highlighted. The ballad "Sololá" in which the sadness produced by men loving a woman is evoked. Another popular one is "Escuintla", in this song it is described how the city is surrounded by palm trees and swallows, which are characteristic birds of this region.

Get to know each of these songs that were written in honor of each Guatemalan state: