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Rules of health and cleanliness in your workplace

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18 may 2020


The objective in the upcoming months for all industries is to reactivate face-to-face activities in all workplaces. The safety and well-being of employees, their families, customers, consumers, business partners and the general population must be optimized.

For both companies and collaborators, it is essential to establish and standardize the guidelines for surveillance, care, prevention and management of operations. We give you some recommendations to return to work without fear or worry:


Entry control

Before entering the office space, all employees must go through temperature control and sanitize their hands with sanitizer. The use of the mask must be mandatory for everyone.

There may also be disinfecting rugs for footwear, for preventing the spread of germs from other environments.

If someone shows symptoms, with the support of human resources, they should be sent home, this is to avoid disease outbreaks in the workplace.


Inside the facilities

All people must be guaranteed continuous cleaning and disinfection of the area they are located in. As well as placing 70% hand sanitizer dispensers for the use of coworkers. Frequently touched surfaces such as: door handles, tables, chairs, desks, computers, telephones, light switches, bathroom surfaces, faucets etc; they must be constantly sanitized.

Keep the facilities ventilated during the day. If clients are in the same environment, we must always comply with the social distance, more than 1.5 meters between people. Let's avoid physical contact when greeting people or customers. And finally, you should not share objects, utensils or materials with others.


Among coworkers

Workers in the different areas must also follow and ensure that the established guidelines are complied with. One of the important rules is to maintain a distance of more than 1.5 meters between people, in crowded places, such as the cafeteria or the entry and exit of the work day.

Do not greet people through physical contact between all company collaborators. If a person has a fever, cough or sore throat, wash the utensils they used to eat and disinfect all surfaces and utensils with which they had contact. Disinfect headphones and phones frequently, especially if this items are used by multiple people. Do not lend personal items and avoid as much as possible any type of direct contact with others.


Other recommendations

It is better to consume fully cooked instead of raw food. Drink only boiled or bottled water. Any activity that involves sharing objects or direct physical contact must be suspended, while the state of emergency lasts for COVID-19.

Meal times should be established by staggering employees, while respecting social distancing. Upon returning to their homes, it is suggested that employees carry out the following actions: Wash their hands, take a bath or change their clothes.


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