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Supporting domestic tourism

How to revive national tourism after the epidemic

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27 abr 2020


The world economy is taking a big hit in different areas due to the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic worldwide.

In Guatemala, one of the most affected sectors is tourism, which represents the second largest generator of foreign exchange, after family remittances and has outperformed exports of products.

Here are some ideas that we can put into practice to promote tourism in your country of origin in various ways:


Promoting our destinations

Many people believe that a great advertising campaign is necessary to put each of our countries in the minds of travelers.

However local residents can do even more with the reach of social media.

Sharing positive images, videos, and memories of local places you visit helps other people take an interest in the destinations your country has to offer.


New products / opportunities

There are many business opportunities that are emerging thanks to the changes we are experiencing today.

It may be a good time to focus on other types of tourism businesses. A variant that has grown in popularity in recent years is health tourism.

This refers to people who travel to Guatemala or other Latin American countries seeking medical care of all kinds.

In addition to having excellent professionals, the cost for foreigners is less than if they had any procedures done with a doctor in their country of origin.


New security rules

New health and safety protocols have been implemented in all parts of the world, to ensure that travel is not a risk for people.

In the case of airplanes, at the end of the day each aircraft receives sanitation services that include cleaning all surfaces such as armchairs, armrests and door handles.

In addition to using cleaning products with strong components such as chlorine and its derivatives, they can be products registered and endorsed by the Environmental Protection Agency EPA (for its acronym in English).

After that, the planes are also sprayed outside to prevent any surface from being left with signs of bacteria or viruses.

This in the long run is a great way to keep all the passengers health safe, so that the travel experience might be a little different, but just as enjoyable.


Business Support

Internal tourism is known to generate a significant direct and indirect economic contributions to the tourism industry.

In some countries such as Mexico and Spain, the incomes of local people who travel to internal destinations, exceed the amount of income of international visitors.

When visiting the tourist spots of our country, it is also important to consume or buy from local businesses.

You must remember that the informal economy has also suffered great losses due to the closure of tourist places, as well as the quarantine that they have had in many countries.


Institutional Training

Government offices and health institutions should continue to train their staff and clients on issues such as regulations and measures they must follow to keep themselves and others safe.

In addition to inviting the entire population to follow all health measures. In this way we will avoid the spread of new diseases or outbreaks that may harm local commerce and tourism.