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Traditional culinary dishes of Honduras

Delight yourself with these Honduran gastronomical options

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8 may 2020


Central America has many similarities throughout its territory. From how parties and fairs are celebrated, to how dishes are cooked. Depending on the country you visit, you can find varieties of foods for all tastes.

We present you some of the most iconic dishes in Honduras, and some recipe options in case you want to prepare any of these delicacies at home:



This dish is believed to have existed since pre-Columbian times. It’s a combination of corn dough, salt and butter or grease extracted from pigs.

Another popular belief is that these types of foods were popular as they could last up to a week without turning bad.

Despite the fact that there are other Central American countries in which Totopostes are made, this Honduran version stands out for having a round shape and for even having filling in some variants.



This is one of the most popular meals among locals and tourists. The preparation consists of mixing beans, cheese and some types of meats inside a flour tortilla.

Beans can be black or red, but they are fried with butter or pig grease to add more flavor.

Many travelers decide that they cannot travel without trying this dish, since it has a wide variety of presentations and other meats or ingredients can be added.

To know the ingredients and the step-by-step cooking process, click HERE.



This type of tamale is also known as Montucas Catrachas. The dough is sweet and is made from fresh corn and is usually filled with pork meat.

As part of the preparation, this dough should be wrapped with its respective filling in a corn leaf and wrapped with pieces of the same leaf.

After assembling and wrapping, they are placed in a pot to be cooked with a little water in a closed pot for about 3 hours.

Snail Soup

There are other versions of this recipe that are prepared in some places in Latin America and the Caribbean. Even in Thailand there is a very similar dish to which more seasonings are added than the Honduran recipe.

This soup is made from coconut milk, then it’s usually added tender snail meat, yucca, bananas, bell peppers and coriander.

The mix between the sweet and the salty of the ingredients make this soup one of the popular dishes in the country.

There is also the famous song Sopa de Caracol in honor of this special Honduran culinary delight.


Tapado Olancho

The tapado is a traditional dish served in many different presentations especially in Latin American beach areas. For this Honduran dish, coconut milk and different types of minced meat are mixed together.

It can be accompanied by fried plantains, banana or fried yucca. In some cases the bananas are cooked together with the rest of the ingredients, but the bananas do not have to be so ripe so that they do not fall apart in the cooking process.

Another curious thing is that this dish should be juicy, but it should not look like broth, it should be left with little water before serving.