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Coronavirus: Things that cannot be missing in your luggage

Take care of your health in case you have to travel

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1 may 2020


As time goes by, airports and some local travel routes have reopened in many countries of the world.

If, despite the epidemic, you must take a commercial flight to move from one place to another, you are probably afraid of putting yourself at risk.

Take these tips into account before your next trip, to carry everything you need to help you take care of your health:


Prior to travel

Wash all the clothes you are going to take with you, be sure to pack a bag specifically for your dirty clothes. This way  you can separate garments that may be contaminated from the rest of your clothes.

Check beforehand the travel bans, to see if where you are going is safe. Always check the weather conditions of the place you are going to travel to. In addition to this, be sure to find out about the measures that airlines have for travelers.

They usually request that each passenger carry their protective mask and disposable latex gloves, as well as to follow the safety protocols before boarding the plane.


Sanitization elements

These are the most important elements that you can’t forget to stay safe during the flight.

Hand sanitizer is a practical solution if you don't want to get out of your seat for the duration of your trip.

When you get to your seat, bring disposable sanitizing towels to clean the surrounding surfaces such as the armrests and the back of your seat.

Although the planes are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized every day before each flight, there is never enough to take extra precautions.


Travel kit

If you suffer from any disease, always carry the medications you need, as well as the name of the same or other options you can take in case you do not get that product wherever you go.

To continue protecting ourselves, always carry inside your kit: Extra masks and gloves, alcohol wipes and hand sanitizer.

If at any time you lose any of these elements, you will have a ready-to-use replacement without complications.


Other health tips

Always keep a safe distance between people and practice good hygiene rules, such as washing your hands consciously or disinfecting your personal objects.

Avoid eating raw food at all costs. This is only a preventive measure, since uncooked food can accumulate large amounts of bacteria or viruses.

If you have symptoms like a cough, or a very high fever, immediately notify the local authorities so they can tell you what to do.