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Why is internal tourism important in our country?

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13 may 2020


The natural resources, local attractions, facilities and a variety of services that generate unique experiences for each of the visitors.

Tourism is also one of the most important economic activities for countries, since it also feeds other types of local industries.

After this setback that has left large losses within the tourism industry worldwide, we leave you with some interesting information about the importance of tourism in the world economy:


Economic growth

In various regions, tourism is one of the main generators of economic earnings. In addition 1 of every 11 employees work in any of the branches of this industry according to data collected by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Tourism also influences growth in infrastructure, with the opening of hotels, restaurants, shops, etc. In addition to influencing efforts to improve public transport and security services in all destinations visited by locals and foreigners.


Promoting our country

Good experiences help more people become interested in knowing and experiencing what a country can offer. Therefore, the support of the locals is essential to promote interesting places and share positive experiences.

Social networks are a great tool to share the good times we experienced during our trip, and invite others to enjoy new places.

Tourism also raises the profile of the place in general, which translates into improvements in infrastructure, roads, health and education for people living in those areas.


Types of tourism for all

There are a wide variety of tourism options that adapt to what you want to know, the activities you want to do or to the people who will accompany you on your trip.

From adventure tourism, full of extreme activities, wellness tourism, for those seeking to connect with themselves on spiritual retreats.

There is also family tourism, with activities for adults and children; or business tourism, focused on entrepreneurs who travel constantly to have meetings or attend corporate seminars.


Personal growth

We cannot miss one of the most important benefits. Traveling is a great source of personal growth. When visiting different places our perception changes and we have a broader vision of what surrounds us.

In addition to other benefits for our health, regardless of whether we travel alone, as a couple or for business reasons. Traveling also helps us to interact in different realities, customs and cultures.


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