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Keep the preventive health measures against COVID-19?

Why it's so important to take care of ourselves more than before

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29 abr 2020


In Latin America we are still struggling to control the progress of the pandemic within our borders. We are still in a very delicate period in which infections can increase. But for many citizens enough time has passed since the start of the crisis.

Here we give you 5 good reasons to follow the instructions of governments and health institutions even if it is for an indefinite period:


We are not out of danger just yet

Health experts assured that the risk of contagion will begin to decrease after half of the current year (June-July).

There is also a risk of a second spike in the epidemic, as a result of asymptomatic carriers who infect people unknowingly. It was also highlighted that many people are not wearing a mask or following hygiene rules.

The World Health Organization (WHO) also estimated that safety and distancing measures will have to be maintained for at least 1 year after the decrease of the Pandemic.


The revival of the economy

Another disadvantage of this pandemic is the collapse of economies around the world. The fall of the most powerful economies like China, the European Union and the United States makes the resuscitation process even more complicated after the epidemic.

Since all the world's economies are currently connected, it is unlikely that there will be countries that do not suffer losses. What is more important is the fact that the more the number of infections decreases, the easier it will be to revive activities of all kinds.


Recovered patients are getting sick

Although it is not very common, there are known cases in different countries around the world in which people who have been cured, contract the virus again a few days or weeks later.

For this reason, it was asked if they were discharged from hospitals too quickly, in addition to trying to define the ideal period of time to allow patients to return home; or if the virus could be latent and attack again later.

Despite various studies, the way the virus can reactivate again is still not well understood.

Meanwhile, the only certain solution is to continue with severe mobility restrictions, carry out massive tests of covid-19 along with quarantines, as in the case of South Korea, or a combination of both strategies, as carried out in China.


Our health is important

In many countries efforts to keep the disease from spreading to the population have forced the implementation of new distancing rules.

One of the most important is that residents cannot travel to other states, also prohibiting visits to hospitals, homes for the elderly and even prisons.

This is something that benefits in the long term, since the virus outbreak is kept out of places where there are many people who could be vulnerable of falling ill.


The virus can last much longer

The WHO director assured that the worst of the virus is yet to come, especially in African countries, since their health systems are one of the most weakened.

Despite the fact that the number of infected in the world exceeds the number of 2 million people, the way the virus is transmitted makes it even more dangerous.

Another risk is represented by people who carry the virus without symptoms. Despite being apparently healthy, they can still infect others.

Due to these risks, it is important to follow the health and distancing measures for as long as necessary.