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Why is now the best season to buy flight tickets?

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25 may 2020


The emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic around the world resulted in many services related to passenger transport and the tourism sector having a long hiatus in 2020.

However, there are many benefits and opportunities that you can take advantage of when buying your tickets and planning your next business or vacational trip. We give you some tips so you can take better advantage of these benefits:


Discounts in various destinations

Another opportunity for many travel lovers is that some destinations or countries that were previously expensive to travel are now much more accessible. This means that you can visit these destinations much sooner and spending in very particular cases, less than half the price that a ticket could have originally had.

Times magazine noted that in the United States, tickets to places like New York cost $. 1,000.00 (USD) was now available at $ .446.00 (USD).


Schedule flexibility

Many airlines still have active policy flexibility, thanks to which consumers can buy a ticket without a defined date or itinerary.

For many travelers this is a very good purchase option, as in some of the most beneficial cases they have up to a year to use the tickets in a variety of destinations.

All inclusive travel packages

Despite the fact that travel packages were already popular before the pandemic, many agencies are offering additional benefits for families, couples and groups of friends who wish to be able to visit new destinations after returning to a more stable normality.

Packages usually include airline tickets, lodging, and transportation. But nowadays they also offer activities and even cultural experiences within them at a much lower cost than before.


Comfortable payment fees

This is another of the benefits with which tourism and travel related companies want to encourage consumers to buy.

The plans include not charging interest on fees and even accommodating so that travelers can complete the full payment of their trip before boarding the plane.

An important incentive, considering that many people lost part of the payments they had made if they already had a trip booked before the pandemic.

Where and when you decide

The flexibility in many of the airline's policies has allowed consumers a wide range of possibilities when starting to plan their trips.

One of the most important things is that they should not do anything immediately if they wish, they can simply go step by step while planning an unforgettable adventure to celebrate the life and company of our loved ones.


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