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Health tips when traveling

Things you should take into account to take care of your health

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4 may 2020

Little by little, commercial, educational and work activities must return to a new state of normality. Keeping all the health rules to avoid more people getting sick in the future.

With the reactivation closer than ever, it is essential to keep ourselves informed about the measures we can take in case it’s necessary for us to travel due to a work commitment, or to return to our country of origin. Follow these tips to avoid illness when flying by plane:


Necessary Vaccines

We know that a vaccine to prevent Coronavirus has not yet been developed, it may be up to a year from now so that we can have an answer on whether there will be a way to prevent not contracting the virus.

Still, it is important that you have all the other vaccines in order, diseases like influenza might weaken our system and it is even easier to contract other diseases.

Another good tip is to take some type of multivitamin or immune system restorative medication, the healthier we are, the less risk of suffering from an illness.


Avoid groups of people

This is one of the most important rules that we must follow. If you are going through an airport, avoid the queues and choose to check-in online. Take your ticket in a digital format to avoid having direct contact with others.

In other words, carry out all the procedures that are possible online. If you need to check your luggage or ask other questions regarding your trip, keep in mind the prudent distance and choose the lines with the fewest members.


Water is our ally

We are not just referring to water by the fact that we must constantly wash our hands. Many people being in constant use of masks forget that staying hydrated is also important.

To help keep our immune system in top shape, we must constantly drink water.

When we fly, we are likely to feel more dehydrated, drinking water constantly keeps our system balanced and prevents the membranes from important places like the nose from drying out.


Air conditioning on the plane

For many travelers, it is a great concern to know that they must be locked in a place that is not very spacious with other people.

But specialists have ensured that the air conditioning system in aircraft is one of our allies to maintain our health when traveling.

Many of these systems have the best industrial air filters, which purify the cabin air every 10-15 minutes.


Sleeping is always good

The stress and worries we have because of this unusual situation causes many to experience insomnia, or to be unable to sleep well.

The problem is that during the sleep stage our body enters a regeneration process to keep our body in optimal functioning.

Trying to sleep on the plane is not a bad thing, just avoid sitting near someone with symptoms like a dry cough. If that happens you can usually request a change of seat without major complications.